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When Charlie smokes a little medicinal marijuana to try and get a little sleep, haunting visions of all his exes come back.  Eventually he runs outside to get away from it all and runs into Rose and confesses his love to her, only to find out it's the real Rose.

Meanwhile, Alan takes Jake on a road trip to pick up a grandfather clock he inherited from one of Judith's relatives.  On the way back, they break the valuable antique.

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I loved this episode because of all of Charlie's past girlfriends showing up. It was a delight to be reminded of the good ol' days of Two and a half Men, without Chelsea. To be honest, Chelsea is just annoying, and overreacts to everything. Whenever Charlie says something slightly inappropiate, she goes storming off like a toddler "drop dead charlie". God, if I was Charlie' I'd dump her ass.
Anyway, back to this episode. I love Berta, and I want to see more of her!!!!!!! Also more ROSE!

Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd rather get a maple syrup enema and sit on an ant pile.


Alan: You might want to eat something so when you throw up later, it won't just be alcohol and stomach juice.
Charlie: Way ahead of you. (holds up drink) I call it an Egg McBorboun.