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Jake decides he wants to drop out of high school after learning Walden did the same and became a billionaire.  Walden, meanwhile, takes his ex out for dinner at a classy all-you-can-eat salad bar.

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Ok I really tried to make the best of it I really dont like the show. Allen whats up with trying to pal around with a complete stranger and the respect Charlie gets I hate it. Berta is not Berta anymore. I watched the first 3 episodes going back to just the original but cant say I didnt try! Of course if Charlie ever gets back look me up...I think that Chuck Lorre should have tried or skipped season 9 for Charlie. Seriously I dont want to see ashton naked charlie didnt do that. Charlie is not dead and you could bring him back Rose hid him locked him up he had amnesia this is a great show that Chuck lorre killed.

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

This guy is like genital herpes. once you got him, you get him for life.


Alan: Remember, at grandma's we have to pee while sitting down so you don't get splatter anywhere.
Jake: I'll manage and that's how you pee anyway.