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Zoey plays a role on this episode of Two and a Half Men.

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back Charile Harper.Walden is not fun as Charlie


Get Charlie Sheen back


I still think it's a very funny show. And I'm still going to keep on watching it.


I have learned to have only the lowest of expectations for any new episode of this show. We seem to blame Ashton's character for the show's recent disintegration when actually, he is the only character whom I can stand anymore (except newer roles such as Zoey or Walden's ex maybe. Jake is virtually absent. When he does appear he is nothing more than a moronic, disrespectful pot-head who isn't even the slightest bit funny. Alan is so disgusting and unlikable that I wish he would unsuccessfully try to hang himself, starve himself of oxygen, and be reduced to a drooling, non-verbal vegetable. Maybe then he would be tolerable. I must have some hidden masochistic issues, why else am I watching this painfully awful show?