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The season finale of Weeds involved a lot of back and forth, with Silas feeling awful that he called Jill in to NYC and Nancy both fighting and bonding with her sister.

They eventually recovered their stolen weed from Demetri's crew and returned it to Heylia, while Doug managed to finagle his way out of the SEC problems. Andy then came up with a way for everyone to live happily ever after:

They bought a compound in Connecticut, gave Silas his own grow room and had Stevie raised by both Nancy and Jill. We also saw that Shane was taking classes to be a cop, unbeknownst to his family. The episode concluded with Nancy giving a toast about everything working out okay - and then with a rifle aimed at her head and gun shot going off as the credits rolled.

Episode Number:

Looks like the "shooter" is Showtime trying to decide if there will be an 8th season. I'm hoping so but it's wait and see for now.....

Tanya giaimo

I made an opps when submitting quotes for Episode 12. The quote you have under this episode for Dean & Heylia actually goes in episode 12 not 13. Sorry about that, I clicked the wrong episode when I submitted it.

Weeds Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Heylia: Get out.
Nancy: Heylia, it was all a big misunderstanding. None of it was Silas’s fault. Please don’t cut him off.
Heylia: I learned that you and your son are one in the same. And I’ve had enough.

Dean: OMG we're being mugged by Sarah Palin.
Heylia: We're being jacked.
Dean: There's a difference?