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White Collar Season 3

"Judgment Day"

Neal's commutation is threatened by Kramer on the season three finale of White Collar, as Neal tries to correct a mistake from his past.

"Stealing Home"

Neal joins a crew of rich baseball fans this week on White Collar and is tasked with stealing memorabilia... from Yankee Stadium.

"Pulling Strings"

Neal teams up with his ex for a mission this week. Will sparks fly between him and Sarah?

"Neighborhood Watch"

Joe Manganiello guest stars on this episode of White Collar, where Peter and Neal uncover a robbery plot against a posh Manhattan Hotel.

"Upper West Sider"

Neal pretends to be a substitute teacher on White Collar this week. His goal is to help Peter track down missing scholarship money.


White Collar is back for its winter run of episodes! Neal and Peter race to find a kidnapped Elizabeth and take down Keller at the same time.


Beau Bridges guest stars on the summer finale of White Collar, as Neal and Mozzie attempt to stay ahead of the FBI.

"On the Fence"

Eliza Dushku comes on board White Collar this week. She gets awfully close to Neal.

"As You Were"

Jones, Neal and Peter attempt to save an old Navy buddy of Jones's who was kidnapped while uncovering an illegal trade operation.

"Taking Account"

Thousand of New Yorkers lose their financial security, putting Peter and Neal on the tail of a hacker.

"Scott Free"

A new Neal Caffrey is out there! That's the issue facing Peter on this week's episode.

"Veiled Threat"

Neal and Peter go undercover this week, pretending to be wealthy bachelors in order to catch a black widow.

"Dentist of Detroit"

We delve into Mozzie's past this week. Ernie Hudson guest stars on the episode as the director of the Detroit group home in which Mozzie grew up.


A journalist's life hangs in the balance this week. Diana goes undercover to protect her.

"Where There's a Will"

Peter and Neal must save a kidnapped daughter this week. Read on for a recap of the second episode of season three.

"On Guard"

What goes down on the third season premiere? Read on for a recap of "On Guard."

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