White Collar Reviews

On White Collar, Neal goes undercover as a butler to prove an imposter has returned as a long lost heir, he may have embedded himself too deep. Read our review of "Master Plan" now.
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On White Collar, Neal goes undercover as a psychiatric patient to nail a criminal, but does he succomb to her mind games? Read our review of "Controlling Interest" now to find out!
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Neal and Peter take down a sculpture forger under the watchful eye of the bureau's new chief. What shenanigans potentially ensued? Read our review of this week's White Collar now!
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Peter and Elizabeth attempt to leave for a romantic getaway and end up getting kidnapped instead. How did our favorite pair fair? Read our White Collar review now!
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White Collar Quotes

Mozzie: It's worse, I'm in the system.
Neal: Not quite.
Mozzie: Ivan Bliminse? The invisible man? That's appropriate.

But I'm a criminal.