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Jenna keeps her house extremely clean so Wilfred turns Ryan’s upstairs into a disgusting bachelor pad filled with moldy cantaloupe, used Q-Tips, and a toilet bar.  Ryan, meanwhile, is way behind on his mortgage, so he decides to rent out his upstairs to someone.  He wants to give it to a clean guy, but Wilfy sneaks behind his back and gives the room to a disgusting woman.


Ryan tries to get her to clean up her act, and she does.  She baths and gets a job as a temp, but Wilfred convinces Ryan that he shouldn’t try to change her.  Like Ryan when he was at his father’s law office, she hates this new job.  Ryan tells her she can stay, and she can continue to be disgusting.

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Wilfred Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Shame is like having a daughter with red hair and freckles; you cannot let it become part of your life.


It's my bachelor pad...pretty nauseating digs right?