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The show opened with JBL inside his limo, telling Shawn Michaels that tonight he's not fighting for the championship, he's fighting for JBL - and Michaels should consider this his WrestleMania.

On to the major developments...

- Stephanie McMahon fired Chris Jericho.

- Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz; afterwards, Mike Knox attacked Mysterio.

- Intercontinental Champion William Regal defeated CM Punk by disqualification.

- Randy Orton defeated Kane; Ted DiBiase, Manu and Sim Snuka attacked Orton and Cody Rhodes, but DiBiase turned on his associates.

- Melina and Kelly Kelly vs. Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix and Jillian ended in a no contest after Rosa Mendes’ attack on Melina.

- Shawn Michaels defeated World Heavyweight Champion John Cena with help from JBL.

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