Big Rivals
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CM Punk opens Smackdown. He says he will teach the fans the difference between right and wrong, adding that they adore Hardy because he is just like them. This was not meant as a compliment.

After this speech, Punk actually took on Hardy, but officials had to pull the pair apart before the match got started. Out came Vince McMahon, who appointed a secret guest enforcer for later in the night, when these two would wrestle again.

- John Morrison defeated Tyson Kidd. He got the pin with a split-legged twisting press. Good match.

- Slam Master J defeated Charlie Haas with a top rope splash.

-Dolph Ziggler defeated R-Truth, Mike Knox  and Finlay to earn a shot at the WWE Intercontinental championship at Summerslam. Ziggler nailed Finlay with finisher for the victory.

- JTG defeated Chris Jerico. Y2J hit the Codebreaker on JTG, but his arm and leg were under the bottom rope. He went to pick up JTG, but was pulled into an inside cradle and pinned.

- Great Khali squashed Ricky Ortiz. Kane came out and tossed Khali out of the ring.

- Matt Hardy is the special enforcer in main event, as Jeff Hardy took on CM Punk. Late in the match, Punk went for the pin but Matt pulled the referee out of the ring.

Punk screamed at Matt, but Jeff rolled him up from behind and Matt counted a fast three.

Teddy Long then came out. He announced a TLC match between Hardy and Punk for Summerslam.

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so now matt and jeff r back together. jeff will beat CM PUNK @ SS JEFF HARDY ROX


WHOA! There was an event here in Denver, Colorado and Jeff and Cm punk faught in a ladder match! Well Cm punk and jeff were either impersonators here in colorado, or impersonators at smackdown last night


WOW. That was.. wow. Pretty good.. But I bet Matt is just messing with everyone. He'll have a few face moments then banga booma wanga. He's heel again, helping out CM Chump. But, the WHC match at Summerslam will be awesome.. But the IC match? No. I personally say Ziggler doesn't need this push. He was sent to Smackdown for a reason, people! If they wanted him to stay with that push, they would have kept him on on Raw. >:( R-Truth or Finlay should have won that match.. and at SS, kane and khali need to fight, dangit!


dolph ziggler won,t become intercontinetal champion because rey mysterio is way better than dolph ziggler like i said at night of champions rey mysterio beat dolph zigler


Bahahahaha I knew Matt would return face
only a matter of time x]


Good! I'm glad Kane beat up khali. I'm sick of him.


R-Truth ROCKS!!!!!


Why Matt Hardy as special enforcer? He stinks. R-Truth should of won for the Interconitel Champion vs. Rey Mysterio at Summerslam. R-Truth rocks!!!!!


Omg, so Matt went back to face !? Thats crazy just as Jeff is going to leavee. Yoo, wow! Anyways...theres gotta be another twist to it. Dayuuummmm! I love Jeff Hardyy