12 Characters That Make Us Want to Punch the TV

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7. Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett
Has Bonnie Bennett smiled in three seasons? This Vampire Diaries character is either moping or swooping in with random spells to save the day.

8. Scarlett O'Connor

Scarlett O'Connor
Scarlett has a whiney little girl voice, can't handle the career she chose... now she's getting addicted to speed. She also dared to yell at Connie Britton!

9. Evan Lawson

Evan Lawson
Evan Lawson of Royal Pains has really been wearing on us the past few seasons. He just never seems to grow up or get any smarter.

10. Coach

We all love Damon Wayans Jr. But just because he appeared on one episode of New Girl a long time ago doesn't mean we want him back on a full-time basis, disrupting our favorite loft.

11. Girls

Yup, every single Girl. Can someone remind us why these people are friends again?

12. Gloria Pritchett

Gloria Pritchett

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Wow, so happy to say that the only person (of the 12) that I've ever even heard of was Lena Dunham, and it wasn't for good reasons:)


Why the fuck isnt king Joffery on here


Wow, did not know one person on this list.


From animated shows... Peter Griffin, Roger, and sometimes Steve Smith


u missed those characters from Walking Dead andrea and sara and Shane...and from Lost i will go with Michael


I agree with some of the choices on this list, but, wow, the author does not seem to like women.


"When did this lovable goofball become such an annoying whiner?"
In the second episode! :-) He's the main reason I stopped watching the show, Just awful. But like I always say - we wouldn't have much TV to watch if there weren't so many stupid characters.


LAurel is totally annoying...#OLicity


You seem to have forgotten 2/3 of the females in The Walking Dead.


Most of these individuals, I don't know. I was expecting to see the any one from the K family... Now you know most people don't like this clown family. Plus the younger whores. Bruce needs to get his daughters away from that bunch. I believe being as most hate these people, he would probably win that one in court. Or, only allow them to talk to the oldest sister.

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