11 Truly Terrible Series Finales

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7. Lost

No, they weren't all dead all along. But, yes, many of those unanswered questions will forever remain unanswered.

8. Weeds

Following Nancy and Andy finally having sex on the penultimate episode, Weeds skipped ahead eight years on its finale. So much for organic storytelling.

9. Seinfeld

The show about nothing tried to make itself about something on the series finale. Big mistake.

10. Big Love

Big Love
What happened to Joey and Wanda? What about Tinny? The Big Love finale left many characters dangling... and it killed off Bill!

11. Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives
Ghosts?!? Yes, ghosts. The Desperate Housewives finale concluded with a few apparitions coming out to say hello and a new housewife, with a secret of her own, moving in.

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Disagree with the True Blood and Sopranos endings. Agree with HIMYM (along with most of the final 4 seasons). Agree with Dexter (still pissed about Deb and lumberjack???).


Agreed on True Blood, but how could anyone think LOST had a bad finale. Seemed like those that think like that simply missed the whole point of the show. It was about the people, not the island. Duh !! As for How i met your Mother, if anyone thought it was going to end without Ted and Robin together, again , missed the whole point of the show.


I disagree with Lost and Dexter, I enjoyed their series finales!!!!


Stargate SG-1. Granted, the entire last season was basically terrible, and a prime example of a show that hung on for one season longer than it should've. But even in the context of that low standard, the final episode "Unending" was truly, truly awful. Even their bastard offspring Stargate: Universe managed to cobble together a more satisfying finale, and they didn't know they were canceled when they were filming it!


Hola! Sopranos sotta qui prendo. Nada fera?


First of all, Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives had really great finale.
GG was still surprising us until the very end.
DH was perfect showed me I am going to miss this show. Ugly Betty, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek TNG and DS9, The Golden Girls, these show had brilliant finale. They really know how to end a series by leaving us wanting more and showing us how much we will miss the show.


Why did HIMYM end that way? Beacuse Barney and Robin are horrible together and because the death of the mother had been hinted in a few episodes before the finale. Pay attention...

Leigh r

Out of the stuff I've seen on this list which is probably half- gotta go with Weeds as the worst.


How can a list like this be compiled and they leave off Quantum Leap? WORST....FINALE....EVER! Watch it if you have never seen it, and then you'll know what I mean....

@ Mediaman43

To this day I have never understood how a show that fantastic, a show where every episode required so much preparation and thought, ended so badly.

@ Mediaman43

Absolutely the worst !


I seem to recall that Tvfanatic review loved the Desperate Housewives finale. The same happend with True Blood. The reviewer liked it but then the editor jumped out from nowhere and kept yelling it's horrible. Get your whole staffs' opinions straight on the same subect please before letting out the monster.

Leigh r
@ Kyi

As a staff, we were all over the map on True Blood. Pretty much whole roundtable had varying opinions on it.

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