19 Engrossing Procedurals: Whodunit?

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We've compiled some of the best procedural television shows on the air. Which do you like best?

1. Castle

The idea of a handsome novelist tagging along with a beautiful cop sounded like a good idea, and indeed it was.

2. Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0
The buddy dynamic between McGarrett and Danny stood the test of time for a successful relaunch of a beloved series.


Not only is this a successful series that has spawened others, in 2011 Pauley Perrette was named the most popular female star on TV for her role as Abby.

4. Hannibal

In their search for a serial killer, the team never gets to stop their work as they are faced with horrific cases that could be related to their search for Hannibal every week. Stylized, but procedural.

5. Arrow

Ha, you say? How do you think the Suicide Squad was formed? By Team Arrow taking down bad guys. Many didn't survive, The Clock King and Vertigo were successfully snuffed out by good sleuthing.

6. Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles
From a series of bestselling books, this series was born. A procedural featuring two female leads who don't compete and are best friends is a formula for success.

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Agree with Castle, both NCIS shows, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, and Bones, but Hawaii Five-O? The acting is awful...esp Scott Caan. I have tried several times to watch and just can't. I think NCIS, NO proves you can stretch a concept too far...Scott Bakula is good, but LaSalle has an awful accent and the woman who plays Brodie is too old for the part!


i think castle is the best series on television,the characters are fun,it doesn't take itself seriously.like ''criminal minds''there's romance,bromance, and they solve crimes in sixty minutes or less..gotta love it..


Dear TVFanatic, Could you guys look for an alternative for the slideshows? it's really anoying to load have to load a page every single time for a slide... Other then that, Castle is AWESOME!


well I don't think a show about a murderer hunting people qualifies, most of these shows except for Supernatural have the police in their program and I love the new show NCIS: New Orleans with the great Scott Bakula.

@ Elizabeth Rupe

The show is about the FBI trying to capture serial killers, one of whom passes himself off as one of the gang. That's why it's such a great concept. It's not the tired procedural of old. It's a fab show.


Hannibal doesn't belong here with these great shows.

@ Elizabeth Rupe



I love the show The Mentalist, I am sad that this is the final season, I have followed since day one. I am happy to watch the older reruns that they show. I will forever be a Patrick Jane fan.


I love Castle and want to see more Castle helping Beckett solve crimes and more aggressive while doing so. Beckett is not the only smart one in this dynamic duo. This episode had it all.


I Love the show Castle, never miss an episode, even reruns...Also love NCIS, Bones & Supernatural.....Sam Winchester is a Hottie :-)


I love the Tv series Castle and Bones personly,but I would love to see more of Castle and Bones more.Keep it going PLEASE!

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Bones, NCIS, Castle. All good enough that I am happy to watch them in reruns several days a week. I am in full agreement that Pauley Pierette is the absolute best character on any of them

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