Commens...Karen Kaiser ... I couldn't agree more! If NBC didn't have Blacklist it [NBC] could pretty much bend over and wipe themselves out of the picture completely. AND now NCIS is flying down to Louisiana and branching out ~ I like Mark Harmon's team, but they can't go on forever~I do now like the Los Angeles show ... but for crying out loud is this another Law & Order conglomerate [sorry ~ sp?]?!? I have to take my puppy out right now, but I may write later re: the pathetic small list of good shows left! Hope you have a good day!

Karen kaiser

All but Mentalist and Almost Human are T&A crap. Mentalist suffers from being moved around and AH suffers from the idiots at FOX who took ep 2 which was aired as ep 7 while airing in place of ep 2 ep5 then eps 6,7,8. Finally airing an ep the content shows it to be a ep 2-5 as ep 7 and doesn't understand why it throws viewers off. They did it to Firefly, John Doe and New Amsterdam resulting in one season airings. It's at best passive aggressive destruction of series and at worst complete stupidity on part of FOX's TPTB. Since it's pilot the IMDB AH board had 3 separate how it FOX going screw this up post within at the most a post away from each other by different posters. And there are still numerous posts stating FOX is responsible for screwing with the show which will likely be cancelled due to the idiots at FOX.