As Patrick Jane realized that Teresa Lisbon was really going to go off to D.C. with her new boyfriend, he pulled out all the stops. He even faked a murder investigation to get her to stay. When that blew up in his face, there was only one thing left to do: Board a plane and declare his love for her in front of everyone before TSA dragged him away. Turned out honesty was the best policy as season 6 ended with the couple's first romantic kiss.
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most romantic,when i thought oliver meant what he said to felicity.oh i felt it and i was heart broken when i found out he was just pretending.damn you oli.oh and damon and elena wooow i cried.


I agree. I hated the episode. The cliche of the hour wasn't even a cliffhanger because we know the series will be back in the fall. It was a ridiculous episode. Now we need to go through more episodes dragging out their wedding.


So a man and a woman one who married the other one about to get married cheating is now ROMANTIC

@ Michael

This sentence has confused me to no end. What show or characters are you referring to?


NO show can beat Arrow.
Arrow had the best season and the best season finale this year :)


The Mentalist, the best...


Supernatural "Do you believe in Miracles" was superb finale cliffhanger proving there is life left after 9 seasons. Acting performances not overplayed or soapy just genuine feels. Suspension of disbelief easy with a show about monsters-go figure.


I agree the Mentalist was perfect. All the emotion shown and how hard it was for Jane to say what he felt. I cried along with Jane and Lisbon. Simon Baker deserves an Emmy. I can't wait for season 7.


I love the Mentalist and the season ending was sooooo romantic. The acting amazing and the effect a totally emotional roller-coaster with light-hearted highlights and a totally satisfying outcome. The writers, the cast and the crew should be nominated for their exceptional talents in telling this story. Simon Baker and Robin Tunney should be nominated and awarded and Emmy for their acting talents.


Castle actually had the worst season . Write from that annoying 'oh no a virus Is killing castle premiere'."


The death of Damon on The Vampire Diaries left me totally poleaxed. Aiden dying in and of itself didn't affect me all that much. But how it happened? I certainly agree with the picture caption that it was all about HOW it happened, and how it made Victoria into an unredeemable monster. That single tear that slid from his eye made the scene unforgettable.