2014 Cancelation Scorecard: A Fond Farwell To...

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Which TV shows have gotten the axe? Find out now and bid them a fond farewell.

1. Community

How does FIVE seasons and a movie sound?

2. Suburgatory

After a solid three season run, Suburgatory got tha axe from ABC.

3. Revolution

The Revolution was televised. But only for two seasons on NBC.

4. Growing Up Fisher

Growing Up Fisher
The blind won't be led by ABC any longer. It has pulled the plug on Growing Up Fisher.

5. Super Fun Night

Super Fun Night
Super Fun Night wasted Rebel Wilson from the outset. It won't return for a second season.

6. The Neighbors

The Neighbors
The Neighbors invaded ABC for two seasons. It then got the axe.

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Trophy Wife was a critical favorite the ABC refused to move to a timeslot that might have gotten more audience and appreciation.. I will say they gave it a full season order but let it get buried... Too bad since it had a great cast and every episode was enjoyable.. I'll miss the kids and will be interested what they get next... I wonder if the Bert actor will be typecast...


I really love the tomorrow people cant believe they are taking another show i love off the air when will cbs learn that axing the good shows are eventually gonna lose them all the fans they have left!! :'(


i am pissed the you are cancelling revolution and believe. Sunday nights believe was the only show i watched. and revolution was an awesome show. i will not watch any of the new shows that you put on on those days and times. stupid people make stupid decisions. an it looks like you have a lot of them working for you. you have lost a fan of cbs. now i will watch the other stations in stead of your

@ pjholla

I agree Revolution should NOT be Cancelled! There are not many shows I watch on CBS, because when you do have a good one like Revolution it gets cancelled! Makes no sense.

@ Barbara Poluha

Revolution is on NBC, not CBS.


Surviving Jack is the best comedy on!!! I would hate to see it cancelled. It is such a good show. I love the characters and of course Chris Meloni is just as badass as always


Surviving Jack is my favorite comedy ever!!! We all watch it. It would be sad to see it go


Loved believe and Dracula was good too


I loved Dracula and even more believe


I'm so passed that they canceled Star-Crossed. This is a very good show. I was looking forward to another season


Revolution, Crazy Ones, Suburgatory, and The Neighbors, should not cancel. These are great shows a little slow start but they did come around. Some of it is the Networks fault. They showed a few episodes for awhile then took a three wk break, and patchy started the episodes again. People hated following the break up. Come on leave them on. There are others too. We all dvr the favorites and watch something else good on the other channel.


Every good show with quality gets canceled! Cbs is really starting to suck!
intelligence & Hostages were both decent shows. CSI IS REALKY BEING OVER DONE!

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