The Good Wife
Perhaps the single biggest mystery of all nominations: How did Downton Abbey earn a Best Drama nod over The Good Wife? Should broadcast networks even bother submitting shows any more?
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The snub that hurt the most was Madds Mikkelsen as Hannibal. In my opinion, he surpasses Anthony Hopkin's interpretation of the character by far, albeit he has had more of a chance to develop the character in a television series


Maggie Siff should have won an award, but with all of the time its taken to film the new season, people DO forget. But James Spader? He's ugly enuff to gag a maggot & I sure don't want him to win anything but the ugly stick!


You left out Emmy Rossum of Shameless and Kate Mara of House of Cards.


Walking Dead! Always.


How could you leave out James Spader and BLACKLIST?????? Maybe someone has an answer to this: What time frame do Emmy submissions run?


Ridiculous that Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black - who plays (at
least) 4 very different characters in every episode and whose work has
been described by critics as providing a master class in acting, wasn't
even nominated. Jordan Gavaris should also have received at least a supporting actor nomination for the same series.


What we should realise is that there are so many good shows on television and most of these shows and people, Tatiana, The Good Wife have won so many awards over and over again. I think we should be fair and distribute these awards to other deserving shows and actors and actresses who work just as hard. I dont think its a snub, this sounds as if the people nominated are undeserving.

@ evelyn

The thing is, Tatiana has NOT even been nominated for an Emmy, after 2 seasons of brilliant work. I guess BBC America isn't on the Emmy nominators' cable systems.