33 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

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7. Daniel Grayson

Daniel Grayson
On a show like Revenge, you never want your character to redeem himself or herself, becasue the next step may be death! Emily admitted she really loved him and people got their hopes up for his future as a decent human being and then -- bam. Dead. RiP Daniel!

8. Nicholas Brody

Nicholas Brody
He hung on for as long as he could. And then Nicholas Brody was hanged to conclude Homeland Season 3.

9. Tara Knowles

Tara Knowles
It was as cloody and as violent as any TV death in recent memory. RIP, Tara. Sons of Anarchy will never be the same.

10. Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene
He was old. He was wise. And he was taken away from us too soon on The Walking Dead.

11. Sophie Deveraux

Sophie Deveraux
Sophie Deveraux never recovered from losing her niece. She was killed off The Originals Season 1.

12. Moira Queen

Moira Queen
Despite her questionable choices in the past, Moira made the ultimate sacrifice for her children on Arrow, dying at the hands of Slade Wilson. Sob.

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Most of the LOST cast+Will,The Good Wife isn't the same with him gone. Must admit to a fondness for Katherine Pierce too, she made Elena more tolerable.


bring back Ziva she is truly missed. She can come back on a sometime bases working over seas as a secret something or other


Heather brooks?? No. George. Who wrote this. Obviously not someone who watches greys anatomy.


I'm kind of surprised that Finn from Glee isn't on this list.


I obviously don't watch enough TV as I don't even know who most of these characters are, let alone even miss them - although I do recognize one or two of the others commenters have suggested should be on the list.
And I though I didn't have a life! LOL


they forgot william petersen (CSI: Gil Grissom) CSI will never be the same :P


I still miss Carter. My friends and I have stopped watching Person of Interest.


What about Dr. Lawrence Kutner from House played by Kal Penn or Amber Volakis played by Anne Dudek? Both of those were pretty unsettling.


I say bring back Catherine Bell she could reprise the role of Colonel Sarah MacKenzie as a retired Marine and join the NCIS Team. I was in Love with her on JAG.


I have been watching NCIS since the beginning. I do miss the "Ziva" Character, played so well by Cote de Pablo. The new character created and played by Wichersham, is not as exciting as Ziva. Perhaps it is the sexual tension between Tony and his female team mate that is the cause. It is not Emily's fault. ZIt is the writers/ She is an actor playing a part. Give her a break. Actors are creative folk. Some are content in reformalizing a familiar character, others want to move on the new and challanging roles. Remeber it is just a TV show and all the actors are playing a role.

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