33 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

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19. Aiden Mathis

Aiden Mathis
The series may want Emily with Jack (or something), but we wanted her to be happy with a strong man who loved her unconditionally. Instead Aiden died in the Revenge Season 3 finale.

20. Kevin Tran

Kevin Tran
The advance placement student who just wanted to be the first Asian American President got a lot more than he bargained for as a prophet on Supernatural, including killed by Gadreel as he hid inside Sam's body in the bunker under the Winchesters' protection. Yikes.

21. King Henry

King Henry
Sexy King Henry seduced the girls then went bonkers. That's a pretty sad legacy for the twisted king, but we're gonna miss his antics in Reign. No doubt about it!

22. Mona Vanderwaal

Mona Vanderwaal
She was a liar, a hacker, a little crazy and a fabulous schemer. We loved to hate her, but none of us wanted her to die on Thanksgiving Day at the hands of A. So. Much. Blood. We just met her mother! So unfair. Did she have a twin?!?!? With Pretty Little Liars, you never know.

23. Dr. Lance Sweets

Dr. Lance Sweets
Oh Bones. We watched our precious Sweets grow from a young man in his profession to an expert in his field. Watching him die was very painful. The only plus is knowing actor John Francis Daley has a lot of work as a writer, director and producer. Whew!

24. Harrison Wright

Harrison Wright
Harrison Wright was on almost every episode until he was shot in the Scandal Season 3 finale. His death was not in vain, as it was the catalyst to getting Olivia back on her game and her Gladiators as well.

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I still miss Carter. My friends and I have stopped watching Person of Interest.


What about Dr. Lawrence Kutner from House played by Kal Penn or Amber Volakis played by Anne Dudek? Both of those were pretty unsettling.


I say bring back Catherine Bell she could reprise the role of Colonel Sarah MacKenzie as a retired Marine and join the NCIS Team. I was in Love with her on JAG.


I have been watching NCIS since the beginning. I do miss the "Ziva" Character, played so well by Cote de Pablo. The new character created and played by Wichersham, is not as exciting as Ziva. Perhaps it is the sexual tension between Tony and his female team mate that is the cause. It is not Emily's fault. ZIt is the writers/ She is an actor playing a part. Give her a break. Actors are creative folk. Some are content in reformalizing a familiar character, others want to move on the new and challanging roles. Remeber it is just a TV show and all the actors are playing a role.


Ziva, I want you back, I quit watching even though I still like Gibbs and Illiad but the rest I haven't watched maybe a couple of times. Even New Orleans NCIS is not nearly as good. If I can get it I will watch NCIS LA. Thanks Ziva you always made my day.


Cote de Pablo Does not get it. NCIS works because of the TEAM, not because of one single character. The variety was perfect. No show has a Ziva character, she belongs on NCIS. Although, the new teenager is not a NCIS type.


Kevin Tran over Bobby Singer, even Meg Masters or Chuck?


I think now we can add Beth Greene from The Walking Dead to the List. :-(
She was in the show through from seasons 2 to 5, portrayed by Emily Kinney.


Bring back Ziva, and I'm glad Allison Argent is gone! The only Argent I liked on Teen Wolf was her father, Chris.


I know it's common sense to realize that there'd be spoilers but I just started watching SoA and Tara has become one of my favorites... now I find out she dies a horrible and brutal death? I seem to have a knack for liking the characters who always get killed off in the worst possible ways.
Bumming hard, ya'll... bumming hard. :'(

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