On Arrow Season 2 Episode 16, Amanda Waller will return and introduce the "Suicide Squad" when she asks for Diggle's help with a rather extraordinary case.

Oliver will be caught up with his own worries now that he knows Slade has returned with vengeance on his mind and nobody is safe -- not even Sara.

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Whoever you fear, fear me more!


Malcolm: Oliver, I know I wasn't there for Tommy, but I see Thea as my chance for redemption.
Oliver: You turned my sister into a killer and then you put her into the cross hairs of one of the most dangerous men on the planet.
Malcolm: And you won't believe me, but I did so with a heavy heart and expecting a different outcome.
Oliver: Ra's is going to come for me and he will learn the truth about Sara, eventually.
Malcolm: And then he will come for Thea. And me.
Oliver: That's why I have to kill him.
Malcolm: You couldn't before.
Oliver: This time I will have you to train me.
Malcolm: Only the student will have hope of defeating the master.