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19. How About a Hand?

How About a Hand?
Is this it? The moment Laurel recognizes Canary as her sister Sara in "Birds of Prey"?

20. Laurel Has Canary's Back!

Laurel Has Canary's Back!
Does Laurel know she's backing her sister? If anyone can see through Canary's disguise, it has to be Laurel, right?

21. Canary and Laurel in "Birds of Prey"

Canary and Laurel in "Birds of Prey"
Canary comes face to face with Laurel in "Birds of Prey." Holding out for Laurel to be let in on the secret.

22. Laurel and Canary on the Prowl

Laurel and Canary on the Prowl
Laurel and Canary are on the prowl and looking for something or someone in "Birds of Prey."

23. Laurel Kicking Ass!

Laurel Kicking Ass!
It looks like Laurel will hold her own when the "Birds of Prey" take over Arrow next week! Sobriety looks good, Laurel!

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