Arrow Photos from "Seeing Red"

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13. Thoughtful Felicity

Thoughtful Felicity
Felicity looking lovely as always as she thinks things over in "Seeing Red."

14. Sara's Got a Gun

Sara's Got a Gun
Sara's moving around the Arrow lair with a gun in "Seeing Red."

15. Now What?

Now What?
Felicity and Oliver look startled. Has someone else infiltrated the lair in "Seeing Red"?

16. Sara Looks Up at Oliver

Sara Looks Up at Oliver
Oliver is suited up and talking with Sara in "Seeing Red."

17. The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Doesn't it look like Felicity and Oliver are taking a break for a child's game to break some tension?

18. Oliver and His Ladies

Oliver and His Ladies
Oliver has his team by his side, flanked by his ladies in this image from "Seeing Red."

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Arrow Quotes

Oliver, sometimes the greatest act of love is no action at all. It's her life. It's her choice.


Oliver: Over watch, we're on sight.
Felicity: Excuse me?
Oliver: Well, I thought it was time you got a code name. What do you think?
Felicity: It's perfect.
Oliver: I was gonna go with Oracle, but it's taken.