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7. Checking a Body

Checking a Body
Blake and Rossi check out a body as the BAU tries to figure out why JJ has been abducted on the 200th episode of Criminal Minds.

8. Handling a Crisis

Handling a Crisis
How will the BAU team handle the crisis when JJ is abducted? Will they need Prentiss to help them save her life on Criminal Minds?

9. Solving the Mystery

Solving the Mystery
Can Prentiss help solve the mystery of JJ's disappearance and is this murder a part of that case on Criminal Minds.

10. JJ Is Abducted

JJ Is Abducted
When JJ is abducted, the BAU team delves into her past at the State Department and uncovers a secret mission on the 200th episode of Criminal Minds.

11. Prentiss Returns

Prentiss Returns
Emily Prentiss returns to help the BAU team when JJ is abducted on the 200th episode of Criminal Minds. "200" is the 14th episode of the show's ninth season.

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