How to Get Away with Murder Premiere Photo Gallery

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7. Michaela Pratt

Michaela Pratt
Aja Naomi King plays law student Michaela Pratt who wants to become like on Annalise Keating on "How to Get Away with Murder"

8. Conner Walsh

Conner Walsh
Jack Fahalee plays Conner Walsh who takes on Criminal Law 101 and a whole lot more on "How to Get Away with Murder"

9. Why Are They So Distraught?

Why Are They So Distraught?
We're guessing that there's no good reason why these students are in a field in the middle of the night and looking so distraught?

10. A KIller Outfit

A KIller Outfit
Not only does Annalise Keating defend killers, she has a killer wardrobe. Tune in this fall to see more of ABC's "How to Get Away with Murder"

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How to Get Away with Murder Quotes

Laurel: Annalise, did you know about this?
Annalise: Know about what?
Laurel: Asher's dad killed himself.

Annalise: They killed Sam, Asher. It wasn't Bonnie. She just said that to protect them, but Sam attacked Rebecca and they killed Sam. And I've been covering for them the whole time. And now they're going to help cover for you.
Michaela: Why are you doing this to us?
Annalise: Because all of this, everything that's happened. Sinclair coming after me, using Asher, now this. It all started with what the four of you did. Now let's get to work!