Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Season 9 Photos

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7. Twerker for Kanye

Twerker for Kanye
Oh, Kanye West. You're a very lucky man... we think.

8. Such Horse$hit!

Such Horse$hit!
Kris Jenner is sick of this dog. Now she knows how we feel about her.

9. Dissing Kendall

Dissing Kendall
It's Kim vs. Kendall! And Kim has come up with the perfect diss.

10. More Kids on the Way?

More Kids on the Way?
This is exactly what the world needs: more Scott Disick offspring.

11. Party Pants Alert!

Party Pants Alert!
It's time to party, mom! Khloe hopes Kris has her party pants on.

12. Appreciating Kris

Appreciating Kris
Well, Kris Jenner is at least the glue that holds the Kardashian money together. That point can't be denied.

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