Pretty Little Liars Photos from "Miss Me x 100"

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25. Caleb's Outta Here

Caleb's Outta Here
Yikes. "Miss Me x 100" isn't the best reunion we could have hoped for in "Miss Me x 100."

26. That Didn't End Well

That Didn't End Well
The conversation between Haleb seemed to be going so well in "Miss Me x 100" and then.. what is that face, Hanna?

27. Caleb Looks Left

Caleb Looks Left
The hot spot in town for coffee. Caleb looks left in "Miss Me x 100."

28. Jenna...Blind or Not?

Jenna...Blind or Not?
It's like a game show. Will we ever believe Jenna is blind even if she claims her sight has gone again?

29. Mona's Army in Waiting

Mona's Army in Waiting
Is Mona's Army waiting for Lucas to say something profound in this photo from "Miss Me x 100"?

30. Lucas Trying To Look Cool

Lucas Trying To Look Cool
Let's be honest, no matter how hard he tries, Lucas will never be cool.

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