Reign Photos from "Higher Ground"

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7. Bash Approaches Kenna

Bash Approaches Kenna
Bash approaches Kenna in their bedroom in this photo from "Higher Ground."

8. Kenna Greets Bash

Kenna Greets Bash
Kenna greets Bash from bed. They have made big strides in their relationship. What's next in "Higher Ground"?

9. Bash Speaks with Kenna in Bed

Bash Speaks with Kenna in Bed
Bash seeks out Kenna in Bed to speak with her. Watch "Higher Ground" to find out what's going on!

10. Kenna and Bash on the Bed

Kenna and Bash on the Bed
Kenna and Bash have become a surprising and winning couple on Reign. This photo is from "Higher Ground."

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