Rookie Blue Season 5 Premiere Pics

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7. What Will Nick Do?

What Will Nick Do?
As Andy sits pining for Sam, what will Nick do now on the Rookie Blue Season 5 premiere.

8. Hearts Are On the Line

Hearts Are On the Line
But Nick isn't the only one with his heart on the line. We have to assume that those flowers Dov is holding are for Chloe.

9. Chloe's Prognosis

Chloe's Prognosis
We can only assume that this picture means that Chloe made it through her own medical crisis because we can't imagine Dov picked up those roses for Sam.

10. The Competition

The Competition
Unfortunately for Dov, it looks like Chloe's husband is still in the picture. Awkward!

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Rookie Blue Quotes

Gail: What does my outfit say to you?
Chris: I'm wearing clothes.

Jo: We sure she's guilty?
Traci: Well four garage fires and now the laundromat all within two miles of her school plus the arson for dummies kit in her knapsack.