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Check out where you've seen the cast of the Sons of Anarchy before they were stars of the hit FX drama. 

Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller)
Charlie started off on the other side of the pond when at 18-years-old he made a guest appearance on the popular British TV series Byker Grove. That led to the role of Nathan Maloney on Queer as Folk, Gregor Ryder on Young Americans and Lloyd Haythe on Undeclared before donning his leather jacket with the Sons of Anarchy.

Tommy was in Braveheart. ..major oversight


Opie was a soldier in Saving Private Ryan and The Postman. He had no beard in either movies.


kim coates was in bad boys not tommy


they forgot HELL BOY....i can't believe they forgot HELL BOY >.<


I CANNOT BELIEVE they did not share Tommy with Gladiator. I always wondered where those scars came from even in that movie with Russel Crowe

@ Coiffure

He got the scars from a knife fight at a bar I believe.


Yes, they forgot Green Street Hooligans 2005


Ryan Hurst was also in Remember the Titans, he played Gerry Bertier.


you forget the green street elite football hooligans there i met charlie for the first time and then in the sons

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Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Clay: Where the hell are the Irish?
Jax: In Ireland.

Charming. Our name says it all. This is a bad place isn't it Wayne?

Sheriff Jarry