Suits Photos from "Two in the Knees"

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7. Harvey at Work

Harvey at Work
Harvey has a lot to think about on "Two in the Knees." It's the third episode of Suits Season 4.

8. Michael Gross on Suits

Michael Gross on Suits
Michael Gross has come on board Suits. He's playing a key Season 4 role.

9. Donna in Thought

Donna in Thought
We're up close with Donna for this Suits scene. She appears to be deep in thought.

10. Two Tickets!

Two Tickets!
You gotta love Louis. He tries to make a good impression in this scene from "Two in the Knees."

11. Logan and Rachel

Logan and Rachel
Brendan Hines and Meghan Markle are key players on Suites. They play Logan and Rachel, respectively.

12. Harvey Photo

Harvey Photo
Life is very different for Harvey on Suits Season 4. This is a picture of him from "Two in the Knees."

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