Supernatural Cast: Before They Were Stars

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Yes, they've spent many years on Supernatural, but where was the cast before they were stars. You're not going to believe it!

1. The Stars of Supernatural

The Stars of Supernatural
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard will all be back on Supernatural!

2. Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
As the younger Winchester brother, Jared Padalecki has grown before our eyes on Supernatural.

3. Jared Padalecki - ER

Jared Padalecki - ER
In 2001 Jared guest starred on ER in Season 7 Episode 10 as Paul Harris.

4. Jared Padalecki - A Little Inside

Jared Padalecki - A Little Inside
Jared's first credited roll was in a baseball film starring Hallie Kate Eisenberg n 1999. He played Matt Nelson. Isn't he cute?

5. Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
For ten years Jensen has played the elder Winchester brother on Supernatural.

6. Jensen Ackles - Wishbone

Jensen Ackles - Wishbone
Jensen's first credited role was as Michael Duss in an episode of the PBS series Wishbone in 1996 titled "Viva Wishbone!" Wishbone was a dog.

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Jensen Ackles: Season 2 of Dark Angel, Mark Sheppard: Firefly


My baby Sam Winchester has overgrown before our eyes<3


Jenson Ackles also had a starring role on the daytime drama Days of Our Lives. He played Dr. Marlena Evans' son, Eric Brady, Sami Brady's twin brother.


Jared also was in Gilmore Girls as Dean Forester for 4 seasons.r


Mark alos played in Doctor Who :3

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