The 100 Season 1 Finale Photos

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7. Jasper on Lookout

Jasper on Lookout
Jasper's on lookout before the battle begins and communicates with Bellamy.

8. Bellamy Radios

Bellamy Radios
Bellamy radios orders before the battle with the Grounders.

9. Octavia and Miller

Octavia and Miller
Octavia and Miller watch for the enemy before the battle begins.

10. Jasper

Jasper with the group as they ready to leave the camp.

11. Clarke Leads

Clarke Leads
Clarke exits the drop ship with her fighters on the season finale.

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Jaha: No pain, no hate, no envy.
Murphy: No thanks.
Jaha: John...
Murphy: No. Pain, hate, envy. Those are the ABCs of me. You get rid of them and there's nothing left, so why don't you get that thing out of my face?