Emily Bett Rickards took this honor with 52% of the vote. Of the other nominees, only Candice Accola (32%) broke double digits.
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I agree that Mark Sheppard was terrific this year on Supernatural, especially on the season finale!


Jensen Ackles... by a hair! The Supernatural stud beat out Ian Somerhalder by less than one percent, 34.9% to 33.5%. WOW!!!! I am so surprised that Ian did not win. I like Ian a lot but i have to agree with this one. Jenson is a much better actor.


Love love love the whole Supernatural team! Never been this involved with any series since the first season of 'Lost'! The show hasn't lost steam even after all these years. Love the Winchester boys! Congrats to Jensen. You deserve this and more. Jared's performance has improved by leaps and bounds from last season. Mark Sheppard deserves a special mention too.


I vote for Ian but for the truth
34.9% to 33.5%. is 1.4 more
so it's more than one percent put still very very near


Love you Dean (Jensen!)


Yeah! Supernatural.... thanks to everyone that voted for the stars and the series....


i gree with majority voters,those who worn derseved to win and am thrilled for them especially Nina,dat gal can act.kudos


Jensen is the best actor, I'm so happy he won!


I'm no math whiz, I'll be the first to admit that....but 33.5% to 34.5% is a full percent. 33.5% to 34.9% is, therefore, more than a full percent. Nice try though guys.


I adore Jensen and Misha and am thrilled they won, but I was voting for Jared. He's been turning in exceptional performances and deserves kudos. I would have been thrilled if he had won. Jensen always wins in these contests. I would like to see Jared win for once. Love, Robin