Bree Williamson

Bree Williamson was born and raised in Toronto, where she originally planned to pursue a career in business, psychology or women's studies. She even opened a successful clothing store with her sister, Tarra, in her late teens.

Eventually, Bree completed a leading role in the feature film Adam and Eve, which debuted at the 2003 Toronto Film Festival. She was cast on One Life to Live on February 5, 2003, in the role of Jessica Buchanan.

Since the, she has relocated to Manhattan.

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One Life To Live Quotes

I don't know, something twisted. I mean, this whole place is twisted. It's like some twisted shrine of him and mother. What'd you do down here, gramps? Count your money and stare at yourself while groping at your daughter? Bastard!


Jessica: Do you know what an evil, lying tramp Shawna is?
Rex: Yeah. That's why I like her.