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Pauley Perrette plays Abby on NCIS. Prior to that role she had worked for years in TV and film, mostly doing commercials, voice-overs, music videos and short films.

She appeared as a waitress at Cafe Nervosa in Frasier during Season 4, and later guest starred in Season One of 24. She made appearances in several films, including The Ring and Almost Famous.

In addition to acting, Perrette is a published poet, writer, photographer, and spoken-word artist, a lover of music of all kinds, and a passionate advocate for civil rights.

She has also said she has a lifelong crime obsession. She was an undergrad student in sociology, psychology, and criminal science. She now plays a forensic scientist, her former career goal in real life.

Perrette was the lead singer in the Los Angeles-based all female band Lo-Ball using the stage name Pauley P. A song by Lo-Ball, "Can't Get Me Down", can be heard during the movie Legally Blonde.

A native of New Orleans, La., Pauley supports many charitable organizations, including animal rescue, the American Red Cross, civil rights, and gay rights.

Pauley and her long term boyfriend, Michael Bosman, held their wedding in Hollywood on Valentine's Day, 2009.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

NCIS Quotes

Qasim: Who did you lose, exactly?
Bishop: A co-worker, a few years ago.
Qasim: It stays with you doesn't it? It's a heavy burden to bear alone.
Bishop: Look, I focus on the analytic aspects of things. That's where I'm effective. It's how I can best help people.
Qasim: And who is it that helps you? It's what we don't say that weighs the most. I hope you find the answers you're looking for.

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