Scott Bryce

Scott Bryce (born January 6, 1958 in New York, New York; sometimes credited as Scott M. Bryce) is TV actor. Scott is best known for his originated portrayal, the role of Craig Montgomery on As the World Turns in 1982. Scott is the son of the late Ed Bryce, who was also a daytime actor.

Bryce, a two-time Daytime Emmy nominee, has found many ways to keep busy. The actor opened a three-camera TV studio in an old vaudeville theater in Connecticut.

Bryce has also made numerous guest starring appearances in prime time TV, including roles on "ER," "Law & Order," "Reba" and "Sex and the City."

In addition, the actor appeared as Dr. Crosby in a handful of episodes of ABC's One Life to Live in March 2006.

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As the World Turns Quotes

Noah: So, Luke... I know it was awkward walking on me and Maddie...
Luke: More awkward for you guys. At least I still had my clothes on.

Maddie: Hopefully if we're lucky, Luke will get his sense of humor back.
Noah: Luke's funny?
Maddie: When he's not worried about something, hilarious.
Noah: I'll make a note.