On Bitten Season 3 Episode 7, while Elena makes a deal with Roman's son about his dad's future, Rachel frantically searches for her son. Read on.
Posted in: Bitten
On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 21, Ralph experiences an unexpected downside of his intelligence while Team Scorpion battles a tornado. Read on!
Posted in: Scorpion
The much anticipated crossover with The Flash finally arrived on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18. Was it everything you hoped it would be? Read on for our thoughts!
Posted in: Supergirl
On Gotham Season 2 Episode 16, Jim faces new dangers when he's moved into the general prison population, while Penguin faces danger from his new family!
Posted in: Gotham
A drug-dealing, doomsday-prepping doctor was murdered in Elementary Season 4 Episode 18, and then there was Fiona; Read on for all the details!
Posted in: Elementary
On The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 18, the power struggle at Lockhart, Agos & Lee reaches a boiling point, and Marissa is used as leverage in the case against Peter.
Posted in: Good Wife
On Girls Season 5 Episode 6, Marnie fights with Desi and shares an unexpected adventure with Charlie, leading to a personal breakthrough for her. Read on for our review!
Posted in: Girls
On Quantico Season 1 Episode 15, Alex gains an unlikely ally, while the cell that took Charlie makes their next move. Read on for all the details.
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