On Extant Season 2 Episode 5, Ethan and Molly find their way back to one another and JD looks into John's increasingly suspicious death. Read on to find out more!
Posted in: Extant
On Suits Season 5 Episode 6, Harvey and his therapist end up on opposite sides of the same case, but will Harvey's rough tactics end up pushing her away for good?
Posted in: Suits
The Al Fayeeds deal with a loss on Tyrant Season 2 Episode 7, while Sammy makes a surprising move with the case. Can Barry save his friend's daughter? Read on.
Posted in: Tyrant
On Zoo Season 1 Episode 5, Mitch is sharing bat facts, Jamie is getting answers, and a little girl is very sick in Boston. Should we blame it all on Leo?
Posted in: Zoo

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