On Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 14, the residents get assigned to new attendings with fascinating results. Will everyone make it through the day or will heads roll?
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The end of the season is upon us with Colony Season 1 Episode 10. Will races to protect Katie in any way he can as the Resistance holds the Host. Read on!
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On Scandal Season 5 Episode 14, an old friend returns with an offer Mellie may not be able to refuse. As long as Susan doesn't accept it first.
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The BAU is called to investigate the strange murder of a family in Wichita Falls, on Criminal MInds Season 11 Episode 17. Read our review for more!
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The Cold War is back as The Americans Season 4 Episode 1 returns and Elizabeth and Philip are dealing with both Paige and bio-weapons. Which will blow up first?
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Liza is plagued by her secret on Younger Season 2 Episode 11 when she finds herself doing battle with Thad over the stall rabbit video. Is she out of luck?
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On Rosewood Season 1 Episode 13, while investiagting a dentist's mruder, Villa gets a new partner and Rosewood gets jealous. Find out what happens in our review!
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