On Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 5, Elliot completes phase 1 and Angela leaves Ollie with some harsh words. Read on to find out what happened next!
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On Extant Season 2 Episode 4, Ethan looks for (and finds!) some answers, while Molly works on a virus to take out the alien hybrids. Read on to find out more!
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On Suits Season 5 Episode 5, the nefarious Travis Tanner returns, claiming to be a changed man. Can Harvey afford to believe him with so much on the line?
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On Tyrant Season 2 Episode 6, Jamal loses his cool and Barry strikes back at the Army of the Caliphate. Will Ahmos be able to get Daliyah back? Read on to find out!
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Scream Season 1 Episode 4 picked up straight after Riley's death, but did the kids find any new clues about their tormentor? Read on for the full review!
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On Zoo Season 1 Episode 4, the wolves have a new Alpha, the bats are headed to Antarctica, and an old photo changes everything. What happens?!
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