When an NYPD police officer is killed during an armed robbery, Frank makes it his mission to see the guilty parties brought to justice but tensions rise at home when Erin drops the charges due to lack of evidence on the season 4 premiere of Blue Bloods.
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It's Beatles week on the Glee season 5 premiere! Who's McKinley's newest couple? Who's taking Tina to prom? Find out these answers and more in our TV Fanatic review!
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Parenthood returned on its new night with all the laughter, drama and emotional pull we've come to expect from the Braverman family. A birth, a proposal and a political race start things off.
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Holmes and Watson return when a case takes them to London on the Elementary premiere. Once there, Sherlock encounters his brother, Mycroft and tries to help an old colleague regain his credibility.
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Much of the gang waited to see if Rayna was going to wake up from her coma on the season two premiere of Nashville. Read the review for our thoughts on the hour.
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