On the season finale of The Librarians, Flynn and Eve travel sideways through time as they hope to get the Library back. Read on to find out our thoguhts on "And the City of Light" and "And the Loom of Fate."
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On Galavant, the journey continues as Galavant tries to rescue Madalena, but what happens when he arrives? Read on to find out our thoughts on "Completely Mad...Alena" and "Dungeons and Dragon Lady."
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In this action-packed episode, Nick and Hank initiated Wu into the Wonderful World of Wesen, Monroe was kidnapped by the Wesenrein, and Juliette became a Hexenbiest. What could go wrong? Read on to for TV Fanatic's Grimm Season 4 Episode 10 Review!
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Steve: Go get um Professor Plum.
Danny: It's Jeffries

"My dad gave me a gun to hide."