This week on Community, Annie and Professor Hickey would not be stopped in their quest to hang a bulletin board... not even by guest star Nathan Fillion! So, did that board finally get hung?
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On Chicago PD, Erin lends a helping hand to a suspect, Jason blames Voight and Jay grows more agitated about the Rodiger family. Read on for our review of the emotionally charged episode!
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On Revolution, Charlie, Connor and Monroe plan a New Vegas heist while Tom and Jason work a new mission. Read our review to see how they made out!
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On Psych, Woody gets taken hostage and it's up to Shawn and Gus to get him out alive. Do they have what it takes?
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On Arrow, Roy is given a crash course in superhero behavior. Elsewhere, another earthquake machine stolen from Merlyn's house to be sold on the market and Blood gets a component in the mayoral race.
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