Platt was the hero of Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 13 when she successfully talked down a dirty cop who committed multiple robberies. Read our review for details!
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Suits Season 5 Episode 6 found the team fighting to clear Mike's name, but it proved difficult when Gibbs went after the whole company. Read on!
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Things were crazy on Younger Season 2 Episode 5, as Jade wasn't providing her pages to Kelsey and Liza was made by one of her Jersey friends. Read on!
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Roy Harper and Nysaa returned to Arrow Season 4 Episode 12 with very different initiatives while Felicity dealt with a return of her own. Read more about it now.
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On Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 8, Nat returns to deal with a difficult case, and Choi takes on the VA. Will the internet ruin Sarah's relationship? Read on!
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Active shooters make for terrifying moments on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 13, Chili and Brett nearly come to blows, and Jimmy prepares for a boxing match. Read on for details!
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