Jane is set loose on the hospital staff as the CBI team search for a doctor's murderer. Will Lisbon lose her team now that La Roche is in charge? Read this week's review of The Mentalist.
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A strong return for CSI this week, as a piece of evidence links members of the police as suspects in a murder. Read on for a review of "The List."
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This week on Justified, Boyd helps Kyle with his nefarious plan. Is Boyd back to the dark side? Or is he still as confused as ever? Read the review to find out.
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The Fifth Column tried to end Anna's plans with Concordia this week. Meanwhile, Anna founds out that she doesn't need to destroy the human spirit after all.
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With all of the tension Ed is causing in the family, Patrick has to pick sides. What are the consequences of his choice? Find out in our review!
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