How will Lydia deal with a life changing event? Will Cooper and Tang help a homeless vet and can Sammy save a dog he accidentally shot on the latest Southland?
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Diving in is the theme of this week's Parenthood. How far would you go to make your dreams come true, but not rock the boat? Read the review to find out!
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Neal and Sara reunite to solve a case involving the VP of Sterling-Bosch. Meanwhile, Peter entertains Elizabeth's in-laws during her birthday weekend. Did both men make it out alive? Read this week's review now!
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The River took one of the most frightening aspects of the toy world and brought it to life while the Cole family and the crew of the Magus continued their search for Emmet Cole. Check out the review for the frightening details!
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There's magic out there, and The River also holds the secrets to the whereabouts of Emmet Cole. What kind of charms will his family encounter as they try to find him? The review is only the beginning!
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