This week on Up All Night, Reagan and Chris try to make friends with a new couple while Ava tangles with Luke. Read our review to see how Reagan and Chris reacted to their parenting being criticized.
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Walter attempted to hunt down a high school student who went missing in the midst of a category four hurricane. With conditions so treacherous, was he able to find her? Read the review now.
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Carlton moves into a new condo, but when inexplicable things start happening, Lassiter hires Shawn and Gus to help him out. Did they find the source of the paranormal disturbance before Lassiter went completely crazy? Read this week's review now!
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An investigation into the death of a nanny reflects back onto complications in Lydia's personal life. Can Ben save himself when he tries to help a prostitute's daughter on the latest Southland.
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Does Agent Machado have a personal connection to the Badawi case and will Siobhan be able to deceive Malcolm? Plus, how far is Andrew willing to go to protect his secret on the latest Ringer?
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