Psych delivered a karma-cleansing hit this week with its latest installment, "The Tao of Gus," as Shawn and Gus found themselves in the midst of a cult, with Gus completely head-over-heels in love one of its members.
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Harry's Law was in the business of delivering legal miracles in this week's episode, "Purple Hearts." Harry, Cassie and Oliver defended a young mother accused of euthanizing her severely ill infant, while Tommy and Adam fought the good fight for an Iraq veteran very deserving a purple heart.
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Reagan is filled with the joy of Christmas on Up All Night this week, while Chris tangles with the uglier side of the holidays at the shopping mall. Read about the special visitor they had in our review. One hint: she wasn't driving a sled full of toys.
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On this episode of New Girl, Jess gets sex lessons from porn and from Schmidt. Unfortunately, they're bad lessons, and the results aren't pretty. What happened? Read on to find out...
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Not all Christmas presents come wrapped up in shiny new bows. Find out who got a lump of coal in their stocking in this week's 90210 review.
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