Walter attempted to save the life of a death row inmate on The Finder this week. Juggle that with simultaneously trying to prove you're not crazy to Lance Sweets, and you've got a packed episode.
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This week on Criminal Minds, the BAU team tries to decide if San Francisco's famed Zodiac killer has returned, while Reid questions his career and Prentiss attends a violent crime seminar hosted by author Patricia Cornwell. How does it all shake out?
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This week's Law & Order: SVU focuses on an act of vengeance against the CEO of a private military contractor. Find out how well Benson works with new D.A. David Haden to uncover a devious coverup in this review!
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Harry, Cassie and Adam attempted to help a 21-year old dying and in need of a kidney transplant, while Oliver and Tommy represented twins accused of killing their much older husband. Did anyone get what they wanted? Read this week's Harry's Law review now.
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