On Empire Season 3 Episode 4, Andre and Lucious are pushed to the limit by Shyne. Jamal takes the next step in his road to recovery and Angelo further pursues Cookie, Read the Review to find out more.
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Younger Season 3 Episode 3 contained a breakup, a proposition and one of the funniest scenes to date and none of them were related to Liza's secret!
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Raimi and Frank have their first real suspect for the Nightingale killer on Frequency Season 1 Episode 2, but with every avenue they cover, things change.
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On Arrow Season 5 Episode 2, Oliver realized that he would need a team if he had any hope of saving everyone. Read on for the full details of what went down!
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On Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3, a shocking death rocks the Chanels, as another suspect for the Green Meanie emerges. Read on for our review!
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McGee had the perfect plan for his proposal in NCIS Season 14 Episode 4. Oh, yeah, and there was a murder, too. Read on for all the details!
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