All of our favorite wives are back in the fifth season premiere, each dealing with their own unique issues. Claudia Joy takes Emmalin to college, Denise meets her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Roxy sees an old friend and Pamela considers a new one. Find out what it all means in our review!
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Margene puts two and two together and realizes that Cara Lynn is in a relationship with her teacher. Meanwhile, Barb and Bill may face criminal charges for being in a relationship with a then-16-year old, Margene. Read our full review to find out what happened.
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This week on Californication, Hank anxiously counts down the hours until his day in court, and uses his last possible moments of freedom to try and repair his family ties. See how that story line played out along with the latest drama between Marcy and Charlie in our review of "Another Perfect Day."
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Mentoring a future crimefighter brought out the best in Clark. Tess is still managing to resist the Luthor legacy, but for how long?
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Justin wants to discuss their pending divorce as Kate is faced with a clients deportation. Find out who stays, who leaves, and who is left heartbroken in this week's review.
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