Linden and Holder uncover witnesses that implicates both Bennet Ahmed and his wife, Amber, as well as troubling information about Stan Larsen's past connections. Councilmen Richmond is confronted with his association to Rosie's death during a televised debate with Mayor Adams.
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The Starks and Royal Family finally reach King's Landing, followed shortly and in secret by Catelyn. Jon Snow reaches the Wall and the reality of the the Night's Watch. Want to learn more about Game of Thrones? Check out our review, recap and quotes!
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Roxy seems quite comfortable with Whit at her side, Denise continues to struggle with the loss of Jeremy and Claudia Joy weathers a personal crisis on her own. For more about the lives of the Army Wives, read the recap, review and quotes.
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As the world is in turmoil due to the activation of the machine, Peter and Olivia come together to set things right. With the help of Walter, Astrid and Sam Weiss, this penultimate episode leads us to the season three finale.
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Mac reconnected with his former partner after an ex-con they had put away starts stalking him. The CSIs also investigated the murder of a young woman who may have been the victim of a serial killer.
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